Day 17: Prepping & Dinner with Students

At the advice of some faculty who have led study abroad trips before, we decided to host the students in small groups for dinner. Erin and Shelley spent all day prepping the meals for all three groups, prepped what we had for today, and froze the rest of it for the other nights.

Meanwhile, the second elective class began today and James taught class in the afternoon alongside of his colleague John. The class is Security & Usability. Near the end of class, Zeke decided to come and “help teach class.”

In the picture below, Zeke had just leaned over to me and said, “Daddy, I’m one of your teachers.”

The students love Zeke. Below you can see him fist bumping Tanner (left) and sitting next to Collin (right).


About an hour after class ended, we hosted our first group of students over for dinner. It was a blast and everyone loved the meal. There was none left!

Tanner and Zeke had a sword fight with plastic forks in their mouths. Fun times.

Afterward, we invited them to join us in the back garden with the kids.


Eventually the kids had to go to bed, so we said goodnight.


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