Day 1: Arrival

Anticipation builds for the departure…

Getting settled into the plane. Everyone is in good spirits.

After dinner, everyone tried to settle down for some sleep.

But Micah didn’t sleep as much as she should have and woke up screaming and took a while to console. Zeke, on the other hand, slept like a champ – a lot of it on Aunt Shelley. James and Erin didn’t get any sleep on the flight.

After we got to London, customs took an hour, the bus ride to Oxford took an hour, but we finally made it. We got an orientation to our lodgings and a brief tour of the highlights in Oxford. Here’s some students walking in a park in Oxford (we were almost out of it at that point).

We strolled past the Bodleian Library (pictured below) and then on into the city center. Some students went to go have dinner at the Eagle and Child, but we needed to go grocery shopping. At this point we’d been up well over 24 hours solid and decided to go for an early bed time.