Day 18: Girls Tea and Guys Watch the Kids

Today after James’ afternoon class, the girls went to high tea at the Ashmolean Museum Rooftop Cafe.

It was a tea for all the women on the Oxford trip. They had a very nice time enjoying the finer things in Oxford. In the picture below, starting at the bottom left: Jessica, Holly, Bethany, Jacque, Erin, Laura, Shelley. The ones on the left are the students. Jacque is ACU’s Oxford on-site coordinator (and also PhD student in history!).

Meanwhile, back at the flat, James recruited one of his students, Collin, to help watch the kids (actually, Collin volunteered).


Then Zeke’s new friend (Jacque’s daughter) came out to play. They had a lot of fun.


When the girls got home (about 5:50), we had dinner with six more students that we had invited over. Unfortunately, James forgot to take any pictures of that, but they stayed and talked until 8:30. It was a great time!