Day 16: A Quiet Day & Atomic Burger!

Today the high was 90 F! Without air conditioning, it felt really hot. We mostly stayed inside the flat today, which thankfully is in the basement, so it remained mostly cool.

In the morning, I wrote an exam for my Old Testament class and looked over reviewer feedback from my recently accepted article on novice users interactions with compiler error message feedback. Erin, Shelley, and the kids went grocery shopping. Before they hit the grocery store, they got some coffee and breakfast.

When they got back, I was still working on my lecture and Zeke decided to sit opposite of me and “work on my computer” which was his book. You can see I was working on my primer for what the students should expect to see in the British Museum when we go.

You can see below that Zeke was “typing” on his “computer” next to Aunt Shelley. He’s hilarious.

Micah, however, had fallen asleep on the way back from the grocery store.

The kids ate an easy lunch of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and an apricot.

Shortly thereafter, I taught my class and then gave the exam. The kids took a nap.

Atomic Burger!

Then we went with a bunch of my students to Atomic Burger! It’s a retro/sci-fi-themed burger place and it’s pretty amazing. We walked about 1.7 miles through Oxford to get to it. Here’s the menu:

We had a lot of fun there.

And best of all, the students really loved playing with Zeke and Micah.

Here’s a video of Zeke and one of my students, Jessica, having a straw sword fight and being generally silly.

My students are pretty great.

After we walked 1.7 miles back to the flat, we were very hot and tired. It was still over 80 outside. So we decided to give the kids quick baths before bed to help cool them down.

Then we all went to bed.