Day 21: Evensong, Dinner with Students, and Dessert

We had a quiet morning at the flat. While James prepared for his afternoon class, the kids jumped outside and played inside.

After class, James and Erin went on a quick shopping trip.

Evensong at Christ Church College

Well, it’s Monday and that can only mean one thing: evensong with the big group!

We got back from our shopping trip just in time to head to evensong at Christ Church College. This marks the second time we attended evensong there.

The college was beautiful as ever.

We waited outside of the sanctuary before being led inside.

Even though we had seen the church before, it was still amazing to see.

Here the students get ready for evensong. It turns out that during the break between terms, the choir gets Mondays off, so it was not a sung evensong and therefore demanded much more audience participation. So we had a lot of responsive readings. It was great and very participatory!

John and Laura talk quietly before the service starts.

The north facing stained glass window was amazing: a depiction of St. George slaying the dragon.

On the way out, we saw this dedication to the famous philosopher, John Locke:

After evensong, the students talked outside for a few moments before heading back to the houses.

When we got back, we hosted the final group of students for dinner. It was a very fun time and great conversation.

Then we went upstairs to the common room and met everyone for a time of discussion about our recent trip to the Peaks District and our upcoming second free travel weekend. Erin made dessert again for the students: black forrest dump cake with vanilla ice cream. It was delicious! We had a great time talking about our upcoming travels.

Now it’s off to bed.


Day 7: Train Station and Evensong

We started out our day headed for the train station to purchase our tickets for our first long travel weekend which begins this Wednesday afternoon. Micah was in good spirits.

We walked along the canal and saw a lot of houseboats, some in better condition than others. It was a pleasant walk.

At the train station, we bought the tickets with the help of a woman at the ticket window who found us a good deal. Zeke got to see the trains through the doors (couldn’t get any closer without a ticket). Aunt Shelley bought the kids each a muffin. Zeke is devouring his in the picture below.

On the way back, Zeke got to see a woman making spaghetti. He thought it was pretty cool. She even waved back to him when he waved at her.

After this, we split up in the town center. James headed back to the flat to prepare his lecture for the afternoon class. Erin and Shelley headed to a bookstore to find an atlas and some maps for our upcoming travel. We had lunch, James taught class, and the kids took a nap.

After dinner, everyone met together at 5:15 and walked down a little past the center of town to Christ Church College chapel for Evensong. Evensong is a highly liturgical daily song service.

Christ Church College was amazingly beautiful outside. Here’s some pictures of the courtyard.

And here’s us waiting outside of the chapel entrance in the Christ Church College courtyard.

The Evensong service was amazing and wonderful. The choir sounded so heavenly. We weren’t supposed to take pictures inside, so I sneaked a few – hence why they are not at great angles. Below is a shot while the choir was singing.

I got this shot after the choir had left.

Zeke had to go potty, so we stepped into a side courtyard – also beautiful – and I saw this sign.

On the walk home, Micah fell asleep and flopped out on Erin.

Back at the flat, we had a meeting with all the students to discuss Evensong, reflect on our week together, and discuss plans for free travel coming up. All the students enjoyed the Nutella pie that Erin made for them – it got high praise – and there was none left!