Day 3: Jack’s House and The Bird and the Baby

Today we got up early and got ready to make our way to The Kilns, where C.S. Lewis lived. Lewis preferred to go by the name “Jack” which is how he asked his friends and students to refer to him. Lewis’ house was about 8 miles from the center of Oxford, so we started off our day heading to the bus stop. Micah gets carried in the Ergobaby a lot.

Our first bus stop was right outside one of the Oxford colleges. This one looked so cool that I thought I’d take a picture.

We got on the bus, which made Zeke happy, though he would have preferred a double-decker bus. Below you can see him in his stroller which is parked in “buggy space” on the bus.

Once we arrived at The Kilns, we had a few moments in the garden outside before our tour started, so we took some pictures. The house behind was Jack’s house.



Below you can see Lewis’ study and desk. It’s not original, because almost everything in the house was lost after he died thanks to looters and the next owners not keeping much. However, they’ve mocked it up like it would have been.

The painting below was original to The Eagle and Child when Lewis and Tolkien would have been meeting there.

Upstairs, there was an attic mocked up like Lewis’ childhood home. The sign on the door reads: “This attic recreates the Little End Room in Ireland, where, as boys Jack and Warnie entered their imaginative world of Boxen.” This would serve as inspiration for Lewis’ work The Chronicles of Narnia.

The piano was also original to the house and I sat down to play a bit. (we were told this was okay)

The kids wanted to try it too.

The only other thing in the house that was original to Lewis is the typewriter below, which Jack’s brother Warnie used to type up all of Jack’s writings. Jack refused to use “new technology.”

Behind Jack’s house is a pond with a garden path around it. It was incredibly tranquil and serene; no wonder Jack found it so inspiring.

After this, it was 11:30 and Micah was super tired, so she fell asleep on the bus ride back into town.

Once we were back in Oxford, we took a double-decker bus back to the bus stop nearest to our flat. We got to ride on the top deck at the very front, which made Zeke super happy.

Micah woke up and was even in a good mood.

After we got back, I taught my Old Testament class for the afternoon and the kids napped. Once that was over we headed to the post office to get our money changed and then ate dinner at The Eagle and Child, or as Tolkien and Lewis called it, “The Bird and the Baby.” I’ve even heard it called “The Fetus and the Fowl” by some locals! So here we are getting ready to have dinner at the famous pub.

And here’s some other pictures from the inside.


And one more of me out front.

After dinner we went grocery shopping and then took the bus home. We’re getting used to life in Oxford and getting a handle on local transportation, shopping, and pace of life. We’ve also learned: take an umbrella with you, even if the sky looks rather clear. It’ll probably rain later.