Day 23: A Quiet Day + Mamma Mia Pizza

We did nothing today. James taught class and let the students out early because it’s the beginning of the second free travel weekend. Erin felt pretty terrible all day. So by the end, we were ready to order pizza. We called and ordered from Mama Mia Pizza, a local Oxford place. I walked 10 minutes to pick it up.

Along the way, I saw this sign and thought it was funny.

We accidentally called the wrong location and they had to call and cancel the order, so it took a little longer than expected to get the food, but they were pretty quick (the one pictured below is the Summertown location, which we called. The one I walked to was in Jericho and did not have outdoor seating like the picture below).

We ate dinner and had some funny times with the kids. Zeke likes to pretend he’s a fan and say “wackeda-wackeda-wackeda” while flailing his arms and I caught it on video.

Micah decided she need to do it too, so she went and got Zeke’s fleece sweater.

After this, we gave the kids baths in the hopes that it would calm them down. Zeke apparently heard this and we get the video below. (By the way, I only added this video below because somehow, miraculously, Zeke manages to obscure his privates during the entire video.)

After bath time, Micah went to bed while Zeke enjoyed a story from Aunt Shelley followed by some attacks by “Aunt Shelley T-Rex” (what Zeke calls her when he pretends to be a “baby T-Rex”).

Finally, he got some snuggles from mommy.

Then he went to bed. Shelley sent me these (below) and I put them here because they’re true, but especially so when you’re traveling.