Day 4: Morning Shopping and Oxford University Parks

Today was Friday and the last day of classes before the weekend. Erin and Shelley took the kids to go grocery shopping in the city center. Zeke was promised he could ride on the top level of the double-decker bus again, so away they went.


James had a migraine in the morning and went back to sleep, woke up and felt pretty good, and started prepping to teach class. While James taught class, the kids took a nap. After class was over, around 4:00 PM, the whole family headed over to the nearby Oxford University Parks.

Below is a picture of Zeke pretending to be a motorcycle with a green light going fast! This picture seems to recall another red-headed little boy in Europe at 3 1/2 years old who also wore a harness.

Quick selfie while Erin films Micah doing something cute.

We strolled around the park on a beautiful day. It was 68 degrees F and sunny. It was positively lovely.


We stopped by a huge tree because Zeke thought it looked cool.

After that, we continued on down the path and ran into some of the students also out enjoying the weather. We had a nice chat and they invited us to eat paninis with them at a local shoppe, but we had already planned dinner at home.

On the way back we found a fun tree and Zeke got in it and we took their picture.

As we returned to the flat, Micah was being silly.

We had had dinner and then the kids went to bed and James hosted a movie night for the students. Erin made a pan of tiramisu for the students and it was big hit. We watched The Prince of Egypt because James had just talked about the Exodus in his Old Testament class. Afterward, the students stayed and talked for over an hour about the Bible. James did some impromptu lecturing.

It was a good day. Tomorrow morning James is leading a walking tour of the sites around Oxford of import to J.R.R. Tolkien. In the afternoon we’re taking a historical walking tour of Oxford. It’s going to be a fun, busy, and tiring day.