Day 2: Bath, Stonehenge, Salisbury Cathedral

We started out our day by leaving Oxford at 7:45 AM and heading towards Bath with high spirits.

Here we are in front of the Bath Abbey, directly next to the ancient Roman baths.

We took a tour of the Roman Baths and learned quite a bit. While I’ve been there before, I think they had updated the system since 2004. Below is the great bath.

Zeke loved the “big bath” and the waterfall (inside to the left, not pictured).

Family shot!

We got lunch at a baguette shop on Cheap St. (seriously) and it was pretty good. We popped over to the Jane Austen museum, but could only stay for the gift shop as we were out of time.

After getting up so early, we were crashing hard by 12:45 when we left Bath.

Next we headed to Stonehenge and got a nice group shot of the students and professors for our marketing wizard, Jenni. Woo! This is going to probably be used in marketing pamphlets and online videos for years.

It took forever to get Zeke and Micah to both look at the camera. My students thought it was more entertaining watching Erin and I try to get their attentions than it was for them to keep looking at Stonehenge.

After Stonehenge, we headed to Salisbury to look at the cathedral and the world’s oldest mechanical clock that is still in working order. The clock can run the tower bells at the appropriate times, but is currently disabled. The cathedral has the highest steeple in England.

The inside was quite impressive!

I personally found the cloisters to be the best part; beautiful and relaxing. Perfect for meditating on scripture or God’s goodness.

After a long day, we were all pretty exhausted. We headed back to Oxford at 5:30 PM and settled in for the 2 hour drive back.

Our on-site coordinator had ordered us the finest authentic British cuisine to eat – Papa John’s Pizza (haha). It was a good day.