Day 28: Dinner with students, evensong, and dessert

This morning Erin and James walked down to a local pottery store to find a wedding present for “Aunt Leah”, the ACU student who watches the kids twice a week during the semester.

Then James taught class and the kids took naps. Then at 4:30 we met up with some students to walk down to The White Rabbit to have dinner.

The White Rabbit claims to have the best pizza in Oxford, so we gave it a go. It was really good!

Zeke had a lot of fun sitting between Collin and Jessica.

After dinner, we met up with the rest of the group at Blackfriars to attend their vespers after daily mass. Because we are between Oxford school terms, we have limited options for evensong as a group. Since no one is presently running a choral evensong service, we decided to head back to Blackfriars. Below you can see our group waiting for mass to end outside of the chapel.

After the vespers service was over, we met back at the house in the common room to talk about our weekend of free travel and discuss the next day’s trip into London. Everyone had great stories of fun times exploring Europe. Erin and Shelley made dessert one last time for the group: chocolate oatmeal cookies (also known as “no bakes”). Erin made her mom’s recipe and Shelley made her and James’ mom’s recipe. They were both a big hit and everyone enjoyed the cookies.